The next TEMREN Seminar is hosted by University of Turku’s John Morton Center for North American Studies and Centre for Parliamentary Studies

October 10, 2017  |  10:00am–12:00pm  |  Publicum seminar room 309

“Race & Migration in the United States”

Chair: Dr. Samira Saramo (JMC)

Dr. Benita Heiskanen (JMC): “The Impossibility of ‘Post-Race’ in the United States”

Ph.D. Candidate Niko Heikkilä (Cultural History): “Space, Place, and Race Politics in the 1960s”

Dr. Anna Kronlund (JMC):“Migration as a National Security Issue from the War on Terror to the Muslim Ban”

Ph.D. Candidate Niko Hatakka (CPS): “‘There is blame on both sides’: Trump’s Calculated Ambivalence towards Racism in the Media”

Presentations will be followed by open group discussion. Coffee will be served.

Students from the University of Turku’s Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History & Political Science can get a lecture pass entry for attendance.

All are welcome.

As space is limited, please RSVP by Monday, October