Immigrant Dissenters

Roger Waldinger (2014) has recently pointed out that perhaps the most truly transnational of immigrants were those from the Great Migration (1880-1930) attracted in various ways to proletarian internationalism. It was an element of this population that preoccupied Auvo Kostiainen’s … Continue reading

Visual Greetings from America

Photographic Material in the Collection of Migration History at the University of Turku When walking along the first-floor corridor of the Historicum building at the University of Turku, students and other visitors become surrounded by a collection of historical photographs … Continue reading

Santeri Nuorteva – A Political Transnational

In the past couple of decades, there has been a proliferation of studies in humanities and social sciences using the theoretical framework of transnationalism to examine various historical and societal processes that extend beyond the boundaries of nation-states. In scholarship … Continue reading