Interest towards Multiculturalism Minor Studies sparked in colleges

diversity contractThe Faculty of Social Sciences, which has offered Multiculturalism Minor Studies for its students for several years, has started negotiations with the Open University in Turku and different colleges in Finland to make the programme available to vocational college students.

In previous years, courses such as introduction to multiculturalism, and integration and immigration have been offered to students in vocational colleges in Helsinki. But soon the Faculty will sign a contract with the Open University so that these courses are made available to an even larger number of vocational college students. The Open University contacted a large number of vocational colleges early this year and in total fifteen colleges expressed their interest in the course selection offered within the Minor Studies programme. One possible reason for such a high level of interest is the prevalence of multiculturalism and migration-related discussions in contemporary Finnish society, combined with a current lack of courses in this area outside universities.

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