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The electronic journal Diversity was launched late 2013 as part of the Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction (MCnet), a research network that operated within the University of Turku between 2010 and 2014. As its name, Diversity, suggests, the journal set out to offer a platform to discuss contemporary phenomena related to multiculturalism, including, for instance, global migratory movements, the formation of religious and ethnic communities, minority-related legislation, policies and other institutional arrangements that relate to minority rights, mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion (racism, discrimination), and understandings of belonging and identity, just to name a few.

In its first two numbers, the journal published commentaries that provided insights into such topical themes as religious diversity and the discourses on religion and the secular society. The editions also included information on teaching, seminars and conferences that have been organised at the campus with a focus on the themes of multiculturalism and migration. The journal has featured interviews with leading international scholars who have visited the university, including Professors Anthony Heath (University of Oxford) and Donna Gabaccia (University of Minnesota). The third number was dedicated to Emeritus Professor Auvo Kostiainen. The upcoming edition features an interview with Professor Bo Bengtsson (Uppsala University), as well as short articles on Multiculturalism Minor Studies and how negotiations are underway to offer a study module to many different colleges in Finland. Furthermore, this edition includes a short piece on multiculturalism in literature in Finland.

Via the upcoming editions, Diversity has the possibility to become a lively platform for discussion and debates within the University of Turku on topics that relate to multiculturalism and migration. More generally it can serve as a platform through which one can easily be informed of different events, teaching, projects and other research activities that take place on the campus. The journal will remain a biannual e-publication and the next number will be released late 2015. With that in mind, we warmly welcome contributions in the form of commentaries on topical themes related to multiculturalism that have the potential to generate discussion and present fresh angles on current research. Furthermore, presentations related to ongoing research projects within the University of Turku are also welcome. Given that Diversity is the only publication of its kind within the university, it has the potential to foster the already existing networks that function largely on a faculty basis and to provide means for greater scholarly collaboration across disciplinary and other boundaries by bringing together scholars working on similar themes.

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