Conference on ”Spaces and tactics of politics” to be organised at the University of Turku, December 10-11

The Turku Study Group for Political Sociology (TURPO) will organise a conference in cooperation with two research projects, one funded by the Academy of Finland (Post-ethnic Activism in the Neoliberal Era) and the other by Kone Foundation (The Puzzle of the Psyche). Entitled Spaces and tactics of politics: Transnational connections, neoliberalisation and the reshaping of civil society, the conference focusses on unravelling and mapping the unknown terrains of political struggles that escape the traditional analyses on political action and movements. The conference themes evoke questions such as, how are political struggles organised in contemporary societies and what kind of social change do they engender, what kind of tactics are utilised, what sort of spaces do they take place in and how do contemporary struggles of class, gender, “race” and ethnicity come about in the context of neoliberalism.

The conference’s key themes include migration, refugee movements and asylum-seeking, and the politics of race and (anti-)racism. This is reflected in the many abstracts received that focus on refugee movements, transnational social movements and diaspora politics, and more specifically on migrant political activism. Furthermore, the distinguished keynote speakers feature Dr. Gail Lewis (University of London), who has conducted extensive studies on gender and racialisation as well as on multiculturalism. Associate Professor Sandro Mezzadra (University of Western Sydney) holds an equally impressive publication record on topics such as migration and post-colonial theory. Research Fellow Jemina Repo (University of Helsinki/University of London) has conducted studies on feminist and gender theory and biopolitics, but also on racial politics in Europe, the European far right and the critical theories of race and class.

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The Puzzle of the Psyche: Therapeutic Knowledge and Selfhood in a Comparative Perspective, funded by Kone Foundation.

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