Studies in Multiculturalism

At the University of Turku students are offered the chance to take courses in multiculturalism, ethnic relations and racism that together form a minor subject of 25-50 ECTS. Studies in Multiculturalism is an interdisciplinary minor subject that connects several disciplines across the social sciences and the humanities: courses are organized in sociology, social work, social policy, political science, philosophy, general history, cultural history, cultural and art studies. The aim of the study programme is to provide knowledge and skills for acting and working in multicultural environments; to understand societal and cultural processes related to migration, transnationalism, ethnicity and racism; and to explore research methods used to study these topics.

The minor subject was established already in the 1990s, but has been developed and broadened in recent years. The courses now include a set of obligatory courses, such as Introduction to multiculturalism and Migration studies. Moreover, the students can choose from a wide variety of optional modules, for example Religion and multiculturalism, The Roma as an ethnic minority in Europe, Introduction to diaspora and transnational studies, The history of racism and Multiculturalism and political systems. Thus, it is possible to choose the topics that are most relevant and interesting for each student and his/her future career plans. While most students take the obligatory courses and a couple of optional courses, those interested in deepening their knowledge are able to take a minor subject up to 50 ECTS by choosing among the broad range of optional courses. Most of the programme is arranged in Finnish, but there are also some courses in English that have been favoured by exchange students as well. More information about the studies at:

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