New Release: Diversity

Our e-journal Diversity is a new creation of the MCnet (Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction) at the University of Turku. Because of the increasing flow of information about multiculturalism and related issues, it is seen important to start publishing this journal, which is planned as biannual e-publication. Diversity strengthens the position of the MCnet at the University of Turku (see,, its networks and associates. The research network aims to connect researchers and experts working in different disciplines on themes related to multiculturalism, as well as to increase the dissemination of information between them. The goal of the MCnet is to advance research activities and for that purpose the network specifically emphasizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and cooperation across disciplinary borders. There are, among other activities, organized seminars, conferences and various kind of advice is offered for researchers.

The title of the journal Diversity points to the term, which has a large variety of meanings, starting from biosciences to population, business, neurosciences and many other things. However, we understand diversity as another concept related to multiculturalism. In this sense, diversity refers to the existing diversity and the promotion of multiple ethnic cultures, but also to the respect of different cultures and interculturality.

The role of Diversity as a part of MCnet is to deliver information for the journal readers and research network participants.  The journal also tackles the current topics of discussion such as the role of religion in the society as a multicultural issue, but also presents commentaries and reports on certain relevant meetings or seminars. In our first issue, this type of seminar commentary deals with the understanding of whiteness in the society as seen from the viewpoint of scholars from various fields of study.

The aim is not to publish original scholarly pieces, but to serve as a forum for discussion, presentation of fresh research angles, comments and information.  Our journal Diversity wishes to offer its readers interesting texts. Comments are welcomed and they should be sent to the editor-in-chief or the journal.

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