Open lecture on ethnic/racial profiling and the police by Leandro Schclarek Mulinari, Stockholm University

Time: Wednesday 24.5.2017 at 10-12

Place: seminar room PUB 126, Publicum, Assistentinkatu 7, University of Turku

Welcome to listen and discuss!


Racial profiling or colorblind policing? The dilemma of the racial state

This lecture is based on a qualitative study that explores the phenomenon of racial profiling within the police in Sweden. Departing from the experiences of groups that are targeted by this praxis, its main features, complexities and ambiguities are documented. The presentation also engages with the perspective of the police, documenting the ways in which officers relate to these experiences, often by dismissing existence of racial profiling. However, some tasks are acknowledged as racialized. Theoretically, I situate the study as a dilemma of the racial state. I argue that while there is intolerance towards overt racism in society, and even though the guiding principle in liberal societies is that we are all equal before the law, race is a central category in policing.

Leandro Schclarek Mulinari is researcher at the Department of Criminology at Stockholm University, Sweden. He specializes in critical criminology and postcolonial approaches. His research project analyses the city as a site for conflicts over criminality, ethnicity and societal threat.  The visit of Leandro Schchlarek Mulinari is part of cooperation with the research project The Stopped – Spaces, Meanings and Practices of Ethnic Profiling (2015-2018, Kone Foundation), situated at the Department of Social Research, University of Turku.

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