Travel Grants 2011

MCnet offered travel grants to (1) doctoral students and post doctoral -researchers (max. 5 years after PhD) at the University of Turku and to (2) departments/disciplines for inviting a guest lecturer to the University of Turku. The deadline was set on October 24th 2011.

This year MCnet received altogether 16 applications with the total sum of requests being over 14 400 euros. The board had a meeting on November 1st in which it made decisions about following grants (3111 euros in total).

Doctoral students

Kalinitchev, Andrei, General History, 300,00
Minghui, Gao, Sociology, 500,00
Rakkolainen-Sossa, Satu, Finnish Language, 336,00
Toivanen, Mari, Sociology, 475,00
Weyermann, Daniel, Practical Philosophy, 500,00


Logopedics /Stolt, Suvi, 500,00
Finnish History/ Vainio-Korhonen, Kirsi, 500,00

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