Teaching Intercultural Communication in Finnish Higher Education

Friday 11th November 2011

Janus Lecture Hall, Sirkkala (Kaivokatu 12), University of Turku
To be broadcasted live on the Internet:

Plenary speakers
Michael Byram (University of Durham, UK)
Peter Nynäs (Åbo Akademi University)

For other speakers, please cf. the attached programme and list of abstracts.

Organised by the Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction (MCnet, University of Turku)
Scientific coordinator: Fred Dervin (University of Turku) freder@utu.fi

If you wish to attend either “physically” in Turku or virtually, please register at interculturalconference@gmail.com by 1.11.2011.

The conference is free. Lunch and coffee can be purchased at the conference site.

Programme »
Abstracts »


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